Public service centre in Gjerdrum kommune

Opening hours

The service centre is open during official office hours from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Monday to Friday).
(Opening hours during summer and other holidays may vary).

Telephone: +47 66 10 60 00

Visiting address: Herredshuset, Gjerivegen 1, 2022 Gjerdrum

Postal address: Gjerdrum Kommune Pb. 10, 2024 Gjerdrum


Organizational number: 864 949 762

Municipality number: 3032


Close to the city but still at the countryside. Only 3 hours from London!

Right between Oslo and Gardermoen! Those who live in Gjerdrum, knows how to appreciate the locations. We are spoiled with great peaceful surroundings like forest, cropland and rich natural environment right outside our doors. At the same time we have quick access to the city, and capitol of Norway, Oslo, and all it has to offer. Being so close to Gardermoen, we have Norway's shortest way to the entire world.
«The green oasis between Oslo and Gardermoen»

A municipality in growth

The location, the natural environment and with the municipal service offers to our citizens, Gjerdrum is one of the most attractive places to settle down. We are among the winners of new settlers and offer a great variety of services and recreational activities that are popular with good reason among our residents. We are proud of that. It ensures a good and positive spirit and local growth.

A good place to settle down

Gjerdrum and Romerike offer a spacious and open environment. You will find rich and natural scenery in the close surroundings of your home. Gjerdrum is a small town municipality which creates good overview and a vivid local community. We care for the local community, the close relations between our local residents, the quality of our public service offers and the «small town community». The settlement in Gjerdrum consists in lot of low-rise houses and local stores. At the same time Gjerdrum is in constant growth as a municipality and modern apartment buildings is being built consistently.

The educational level is quite high in Gjerdrum. Many of the locals work in Oslo and because of the closeness to our capitol they get to experience what the city of Oslo has to offer as a natural part of life in Gjerdrum.

Active development and a haven for commuters

Gjerdrum municipality administration with all its services to the public is the towns' biggest employer. Our biggest source of income is agriculture and forestry. With proximity and good communication to Oslo and the other municipalities close to Gjerdrum, we are the perfect place to settle down with good access to varied workplace offers. Gjerdrum is focused on good and adequate development in our community. Small and straight forward living conditions make it easy to settle, and those who does succeed.

Active life and social life in Gjerdrum

Nature experiences and scenery

Most of the forest in Gjerdrum is a part of Romeriksåsen. A perfect outdoor area for both local and close by residents every season of the year. The outdoor areas are easily accessible with a nice web of small footpaths, trails and hikes. We offer a great variety of possibilities for walks, ski trips, downhill, riding, biking, bathing, hunting and fishing.

Socialize in Gjerdrum

Gjerdrum is a community with several clubs- and associations formed with the soul purpose to enrich the cultural and social lives of our residents with music, song, sports, art and more. We have a solid tradition for volunteer work and hospitality, in which the sports arena and social centre are examples of.


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